Zante Town

Travel Guide of Zante Town
Welcome to Zante town

The town's history of the island is divided into pre-earthquake and post earthquake period. Before the earthquake and the fire that followed in 1953, the town was built according to the Venetian architecture.

Mansions with Venetian architecture alternated with civil and folk houses and among them were many stone churches. Walking paths crossed courtyards, gardens and picturesque squares. The buildings had arches and many of them included arcades.

After the 1953 earthquake only three buildings survived and and efforts were made to rebuild the city in the old city standards. Today , walk in the town of Zante, feel the energy, drink a coffee in the squares, shop under traditional Venetian arches in the main street of Alexandrou Roma and taste Zakynthian dishes in some of the many traditional tavernas. And the evening hear serenades, traditional Zakynthian songs, or have fun at some of the bars located in San Marco square.

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